domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

La diferencia entre Workflow y BPM

En un artículo publicado en el blog de Gartner Inc. se describe la diferencia entre Workflow y BPM, una pregunta que muchas personas se hacen cuando alguien habla de BPM o incluso vende un proyecto o producto BPMS.

Según el analista de Gartner Inc., Workflow es:

"Workflow is a form of flow management technology that coordinates interactions between people and software systems. It coordinates the flow, the interaction patterns across manual and systemetized tasks. As a technology, it has existed for at least the last 20 years."
"... Furthermore, workflow technology comes in specialized forms. For example, human workflow technology offerings (older products such as InConcert, early Metastorm and Ultimus products, Staffware, IBM’s MQ Workflow and newer products like W4 Global) that put software controls around human tasks to better coordinate and manage them."

Por otra parte, según el analista de Gartner Inc., BPM es:

"BPM disciplines emphasize a holistic approach to coordinating work across all resources – people, information, machines and systems. Coordinating the interactions across this broader set of resources requires a different approach to workflow."
"... Thus, a BPMS includes a more advanced form of workflow. Furthermore, workflow is just 1 of 10 technologies found in a BPM Suite. Some of the other critical technologies in a BPMS are BAM, rule engines, UI generation, and a graphical authoring environment ideally based on Explicit Process Models."

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