domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

Michael Hammer

Tras el sentido fallecimiento de Michael Hammer, muchos han dedicado algunas palabras para el Padre de la Reingeniería.

Tom Davenport en su blog en Harvard Business Publishing escribe:

Mike was sufficiently prolific that it will probably take companies many years to absorb and implement all of his ideas. And radical process change is difficult no matter whose methods you follow. But without the enthusiasm and the impetus he provided, reengineering will be even harder without Mike Hammer.

En otro blog de Harvard Business Publisher:

In 2007, HBR published The Process Audit, a seminal piece that laid out the road to process, as Hammer called it. After working with a group of companies for five years, he developed a framework for creating and sustaining high-performance processes. Hammer's model allows companies to evaluate business processes in terms of their design, supervision, staffing, measurement systems, and infrastructure. It enables CEOs to understand where a process is--and isn't--strong, and provides a blueprint for improvement.

Paul Harmon, en también dedica un especial articulo:

Enthusiasm, however, always remained Michael Hammer's strong suit. He continued, to the very end, to excite senior executives about the possibilities of process. I don't know of anyone who can take his place.

Nunca es tarde para recordar la memoria de importantes personas que han aportado al desarrollo de un área que aún tiene rincones por explorar.

Ricardo Seguel P.

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