jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2007

The State of Standards and their Practical Application

Este es un interesante artículo sobre el estado del arte del los estándares utilizados en el área de Business Process Management.

The State of Standards and their Practical Application
via BPM Research by Michael zur Muehlen on 5/1/05

At the AIIM Conference in Philadelphia, Trevor Naidoo (IDS Scheer, BPMI, ABPMP) and Michael zur Muehlen (Stevens Institute of Technology, WfMC) spoke about the current state and the future of BPM standards. With the merger of BPMI and the Object Management Group you can expect some changes to the landscape of standards bodies, but there still exists a proliferation of complementary, competitive, and overlapping standards in the BPM space. We are trying to shed some light on the focus areas of these standards, and what the consequences for users interested in BPM applications are today.

  • You can download of the PDF of our presentation [here].
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